Silk holidays: what to pack into your suitcase!

We are almost ready for a new boiling summer. Tickets have already been bought and the destination has already been chosen, but what shall we pack into our suitcase? Of course, comfortable shoes and sunglasses, but also light clothes for our dinners on the seashore and our parties on the beach.

Our luggage is too small, as usual, and so we’d better choose clothes we can wear more times and that are suitable for many different occasions. Any examples? We are going to give some to you, with our 100% silk collection. To do it, we are ready to reveal the destinations of our latest holidays, but, above all, the Onirica items of clothing that accompanied us.

First stop in our holiday: Santorini. Just awake and ready to go to the beach. Our Iva shorts are perfect, light and soft, ideal for a stylish entrance between the lines of the beach loungers. Enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world from one of Oia terraces on the caldera, sipping a drink at sunset and walking along the luxurious streets of the town centre in this seaside look.

To spend a night outdoors, the ideal look is comfortable and cool: we have opted for our peacock-blue Amanda blouse. Having seen a Vespa motor scooter ready to make us fly along the streets of Naxos, the second island in our journey, we have matched this 100% silk blouse with a five-pocket denim pair of trousers and nude-coloured sandals. A mix of coloured pearl necklaces and here is our summer holiday! Let yourselves be enchanted by the tear-jerking tales of Arianna’s myth

To choose to wear silk is ideal in seaside resorts, where suffocating heat alternates with breeze so easily. Indeed, silk is a thermoregulatory fabric: this characteristic enables the person who is wearing it to keep their body temperature fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. If you are wearing our 100% silk items of clothing, you will feel fresh all day long; if you ever get sunburnt or come out in a sun rash, this fabric will become your great ally to relieve your skin with its soft caress


A romantic dinner on the seashore and a walk on the sand of Maragkas beach in Naxos, caressed by the breeze while wearing our lime-green Isadora dress. A pair of low-heeled sandals and a bandana have made our silk slip dress outfit relaxed and nice, in a perfect holiday mood. Enjoy a walk along this seashore, where you can taste the typical wine of this island in one of the many seafront pubs and restaurants.

Did you notice it? The bright and vibrant colours of silk bring out your suntanned skin. Nothing better than silk clothes and accessories to change your holiday looks.
A short trip to the island of Antiparos, wearing our La Lori, a 100% printed silk mini bag in lilac nuances. Spacious and cool, it is perfect to keep all we need inside and to give a lively touch even to the simplest outfit. To be used and re-used all summer long, on trips, at pre-dinner cocktails or at candle-lit dinners on the seashore.

Our last stop is in Paros, one of the largest islands of the Cyclades archipelago: it offers breathtaking beaches, still little known, small museums and a night life which is as good as that on the other more famous islands, even though it is less noisy and crowded.To end this holiday in style, let’s have a party on the seashore till the middle of the night, wearing our peacock-blue Sabrina dress: low-necked and just short enough to let you move at the rhythm of music, or suitable for a dinner under a starry sky.
Whatever is your destination, enjoy your holidays in perfect Onirica style, showing off a sophisticated and exclusive 100% silk look.


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