Silk blouses: the 2023 summer trend!

The latest trend in 2023? Silk in all its shapes and styles, especially in blouses, which are booming in the world of fashion. We saw silk on catwalks and worn by celebrities and it’s high time it were present in your wardrobe as well. Colourful, soft and pop: you will no more be able to do without silk blouses, above all in this season in which the colourful trend has never been so growing.

This summer let us do away with the classic white linen or cotton blouse and let us satisfy our fancy with colours and patterns. Our silk blouse? A classic and timeless model, a simple cut inspired by men’s classic nightshirts. Already legitimized out of the bedroom and perfect to be worn both in the daytime or in the evening, from now till October, and who knows how many more times for your events, under a blazer or with a pair of matched trousers.

Onirica presents peacock-blue or lime-green silk blouses, with profiles in contrast, always soft and comfortable to wear. Matching an item of clothing with our  Gina blouse? It all depends on the occasion on which to wear it: let’s imagine we have to move from the office to a pre-dinner cocktail or a dinner out. When we are at work, let us match it with a pair of denim jeans and low-heeled shoes, better with a t-shirt under it, to be ready to leave the office, replacing our low-heeled shoes with a pair of high-heeled ones and adding some precious jewellery in view.

Coloured printed patterns are highlighted even more by silk, which makes them precious and more beautiful. Also in our printed silk Rita blouses profiles are in contrast and there are other precious details like coated buttons and high cuffs. Perfect to be worn for an evening out or for a dinner party at home, they enable you to have an elegant and at the same time comfortable look.

If the classic blouse is not your favourite one, why not opt for our Amanda blouse? Adaptable to any use, thanks to its practical front coulisse, enriched with tassels in contrasting colour. To wear as a blouse or a soft blazer, on a top or a sexy bustier, or to be changed into the most sensual item of clothing in your wardrobe, fitting the coulisse to make the blouse become a cropped blouse that lets your navel uncovered.

Luxury items of clothing, which can offer you comfort and and a unique style, with a carefree and informal touch given by the bright and vibrant colours of our 100% silk articles, well-finished in all their details. Onirica offers silk blouses and items of clothing which are unique and exclusive also because it is possible to customize them with hand-made embroidery.

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