Onirica was born in 2021 from the dream of three young women: Elena, Michela and Sofia.

The brand name "Onirica" comes from the Greek etymology Γ³neiros meaning 'dream': its meaning brings us back to a surreal and fantastic world.
This courtly term is meant to confirm the brand's strong character of quality and elegance, determined by unprecedented products that are always in line with new trends.

We want our garments to last over time, we buy all our materials from Italian manufacturers and produce the entire collection in local companies, ensuring that the quality of our garments meets the highest standards so that every woman who owns an Onirica garment knows that she is wearing unique and elegant but above all quality garments.

The conception and creation of this capsule collection of silk garments, consisting of pajamas, robes, petticoats and accessories, is totally the result of Onirica girls' daily study and inspiration, and is designed to be worn both at home with comfortable slippers and outside in leisure time with pumps.

The strong attention in the selection of colors and materials, the creation of exclusive prints, as well as the possibility of customization with handmade embroidery, determine the uniqueness of the proposed garments.
The keys will always be elegance, comfort and made in Italy.

Onirica is a 100% Italian brand, from design to production, designed for women who buy consciously, sensitive to quality and accuracy of details, always looking for exclusive and personalized garments that can stay in their wardrobes forever.
We desire to make every woman feel comfortable, sophisticated and at ease, in and out of the home.

So get inspired and go discover our products!