The perfect silk dress for any guest at a wedding!

It is always the same old story: the announcements arrived months ago, maybe even last year, but just before the ceremony we are still thinking about what we are going to wear. Whether it is on the seashore or in a villa in the countryside, or in a romantic small village church, the basic rules for the female guests are always the same: attention to the colour, the length and the fabric of one’s outfit.

Onirica is ready to give you some tips to be the coolest guests at the wedding party: what better tip than the perfect fabric? Silk, obviously! Elegant, sophisticated and always perfect on any important occasion, it will make you shine among all the other female guests.

But let us recap some simple basic rules:



Remember the focus of attention at the wedding party is the bride, so you’d better not exaggerate. Maybe it is obvious, but no white, unless the bride informs you she’ll be wearing total pink! In this case no pink! Black is also, if possible, to be avoided: we are not at a funeral, even though some exceptions may be accepted: if the wedding ceremony takes place in the evening, black can be an option if you take the edge off it with coloured or metal accessories. Unless you are the bridegroom’s lover, red is to be banned, too: leaving apart popular beliefs, it is better not to attract people’s attention on you.

Green light to plain or patterned pastel colours or to brighter colours to be matched with nude or metal colours. Pay attention to the wedding announcements, which often suggest the dress code and the colours of the ceremony through their lay-out or, more explicitly, their words.


The location of the ceremony can also help you decide what outfit to wear.You’d better prefer a more relaxed look for outdoor ceremonies or ceremonies in a natural environment. However, watch out: it is always a ceremony!

Let’s move on to some practical tips.

Perfect for any ceremony: wearing an Isadora slip dress, you will never be wrong. Let us imagine a wedding ceremony on the seashore, the breeze and the colours of sunset that light us up: what better opportunity to put on our honey-coloured 100% silk Isadora dress. A dress characterized by clean and simple lines, fluid and bright thanks to its colour enhanced by silk.

If you don’t like long dresses, don’t worry: we have the perfect short dress, our latest model Ornella. A wrap dress made of 100% silk, with the right mix of romanticism and coolness, available in four colours, perfect for this season. You have been training all winter long and now it is high time you showed your banging legs. Any accessories? As few as possible: just a pair of high-heeled jewel sandals, a metal mini-bag and dangly earrings.

There’s no rule forcing you to wear a dress, so for those who love mismatched outfits there’s nothing better than our  Amanda blouse, completely made of silk and perfectly following the latest trend. Do you know a cut-out dress? A dress that leaves some parts of your skin naked, in strategically sexy points. Our Amanda blouse perfectly meets your expectations and you’ll be able to wear it on many other different occasions. To be matched with a fluid pair of trousers and a pair of mules in contrasting colour. Make your outfit richer with a satin rose and a cross-body mini-bag.

If you prefer classic elegance but you do not want to end up in banality, our trouser & blazer combination is the solution: our patterned silk nightgown+trousers. An elegant, light but at the same time lively outfit. Ideal for a ceremony demanding covered shoulders or if you don’t feel like showing your shoulders. A cross-body mini-bag in contrasting colour and a simple pair of court shoes will complete this lively look.

Let’s go back to our  Isadora dress, but this time no sand on your feet. The location? A villa surrounded by shining small lights and us, dressed like a starry night, wearing our long, navy-blue 100% silk Isadora dress and shining accessories. Under the stars you‘d better cover yourself with a stole or a soft blouse but dare put on lively accessories!

Wearing such simple and refined outfits, you will really be able to feel the coolest female guests at the party and, above all, you’ll be able to re-use your dresses and accessories on less formal occasions, without running the risk of leaving them in your wardrobe.






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