Silk love presents by Onirica

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon …Are you ready? Well, we are saying this because, like every year, lovers start their hunt for the perfect present! The cadeau for the person you love will need to be more romantic than the previous one, a sign of your love that will last in time and show how well you know your soulmate

We have prepared our personal list of presents, all of them by Onirica and, obviously, made of 100% silk. Something more original than the usual bunch of flowers: here are some ideas to amaze your lovers.

Presents for all tastes, starting from beauty addicts’ favourite products, who also on this occasion would like to be given something which, of course, shows your love for them but which also makes them feel gorgeous. Nothing better than our 100% silk Paola pillowcase set or than our Goodnight set, a present for her and for you.

Thanks to its natural properties, silk will make your hair soft and bright and your skin young and rested. It will also give you a comfortable journey to the world of dreams.

If you are thinking about a present to use on that very day and, possibly, under some bedsheets, what about our shorts Iva + vest Carla  combination?

A sensual combination to be discovered, in soft 100% printed silk, perfect to replace the usual underwear.

A vest to take off by opening three nice front bows and a pair of soft and carefree Iva shorts: what’s better than this?

For a super present opt for our silk nightgowns, either printed or in plain colours. Elegant, refined and very soft our Veronica and  Vittoria nightgowns are perfect to strike at the heart of your lover.

Are you looking for something even more special? Maybe you do not know that Onirica offers a custom- tailoring  service  for some products and accessories. Amaze her with a hand-embroidered present. Pillow cases, blouses and nightgowns can be customized with unique embroidery: choose the font, the colour and where to embroider her initials or her nickname.

Find out all the other available products on our site and give a silk dream by Onirica


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