Perfect hair with our silk accessories. Interview with the hair stylist Cavalletto.


If your dream is to wake up with perfect hair every morning, we have the solution for you!

For some time now, 100% silk hair accessories have been the object of desire of every beauty addict who wants to take care of their hair, as well as their skin. 

Where to start then? Our pillowcases can't wait to accompany you to the world of dreams thanks to the softness of silk and its beneficial properties. Thanks to its smooth and extremely smooth surface, silk minimizes friction and rubbing, thus avoiding the risk of hair breakage. Furthermore, its thermoregulating characteristics allow you to always rest on a cool surfaceand reduce dehydration of the hair, avoiding that annoying frizz effect. Hydration, as we know, equals youth, not only for the hair which will remain supple and shiny, but also for your skin.


Our Alida pillowcases, are 100% Made in Italy and developed according to the highest quality standards. Decorated with contrasting edges and made with the best silk to obtain a mix of elegance, softness and durability. 


If you want to take care of your hair, not only during the night but throughout the day, the turban is the one for you. To wear at home, to keep your hair always effortlessly tidy, or outside, to give a touch of eccentricity to your look. Why wear it? Unlike a normal cap or hat the our model Moira it is made of 100% silk and this allows it to act on your hair, protecting it from dirt and humidity. In fact, silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material, which means that it repels dust mites and allergens that inhabit our homes, thus allowing our hair to remain clean, as well as tidy.


Our Moira turban made of 100% silk, resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable, ideal for keeping the hair untangled and styled: thanks to a small elastic band on the nape that helps the fit, it will be easy to protect even the thickest hair.

We leave the floor to a hair master who will explain how to take care of our hair naturally. Fabio Cavalletto, owner of the Hair Gourmet salon in Padua and expert hairdresser, will answer some of our curiosities about hair care to better understand how to combine silk with your natural hair routine.

We have talked for a long time about how silk is an excellent ally for taking care of hair, but what is the routine we should follow to have healthy and shiny hair every day?

Sleeping on silk pillowcases is certainly essential but it is necessary to take care of your hair in a healthy way, even with specific products and correct habits. Cleansing is essential and it is very important to use specific products for your hair type and frequency of use, therefore prefer natural products and get advice from your hairdresser. Also pay attention to how you dry your hair: the hair dryer must not be attached to the hair but at a distance of at least 20 cm and it is important to dry all lengths by moving the hair with your hands, without using brushes. Heat tends to damage the hair so if you use straighteners or curling irons keep them at a minimum temperature and pass them quickly over the strands without insisting too much on the most stubborn points. To nourish and respect the hair, it is important to use creams, masks and oils periodically, such as shea or coconut butter, with weekly or monthly compresses.

You too Fabio, like us, rely only on natural products: why did you choose this philosophy?

I have chosen to rely on natural products to take care of my hair precisely because I have personally seen, in years of experience as a hairdresser, how hair changes and improves under the effect of natural products. If used correctly and consistently, these products transform the hair, not only giving it a brighter look but in its very structure, making it stronger and healthier.

Which products do you recommend and for what type of hair?

Of course, I always recommend studying your hair type, also getting help from your hairdresser, to choose the best products to use. With my lines I deal with all hair types.

For example, for brittle and dry hair, I definitely recommend my Box Regenerate, to deeply nourish even treated hair. These products would be perfect if used in combination with your 100% Silk turban, which would help moisturize the hair without rubbing and with total contact.

For hair that tends to get dirty easily and oily scalp, I recommend the Purify products by Hair Gourmet, also ideal for sensitive scalps. For those suffering from these problems, it would be ideal to sleep on 100% silk pillowcases like yours, precisely because of their hypoallergenic properties.

The "never again" productsuitable for everyone?

Hair hydration is as essential as that of the skin, to keep hair young and beautiful, so my advice is to always seek maximum hydration. The Hydrating shampoo from the Hair Gourmet line is the one I recommend to all my clients. Perfect for gently moisturizing the hair, it is non-greasy and is also suitable for the little ones.




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