The secret of a regenerating sleep: Silk!

Sleep is a fundamental part of our life and it plays a crucial role in the well-being of our body and mind. We spend about one third of our life sleeping; however, we often undervalue the importance of sleeping well. There is something luxurious and enveloping in night sleep and Onirica perfectly understands the value of a regenerating night’s sleep and it would like your resting hours to be a precious cuddle.

Sleep: the heart of well-being

Sleep is the key to a regenerated body and mind. This is why we strongly believe it is essential to invest in high-quality rest, which not only helps us feel in top form during the day, but which also influences our lifestyle. Onirica wants to grant you a night’s sleep like a silk caress, which lets you get up fresh and radiant.

Sleep becomes a pure luxury experience when we are wrapped up in silk, which gives us comfort and softness. Our  silk pillowcases are gentle to your skin and they help you prevent wrinkles and lines during the night; they also protect your hair from rubbing against your pillow, making it less tangled. Moreover, thanks to its transpiracy, silk enables you to get up fresh and with your skin radiant and clean.

Why choose our pillowcases? Onirica products are made from high-quality silk and are well-finished in all their details. They can be customized with hand-made embroidery

Sleep: the key to your beauty

Everybody has their own rituals before going to bed and to make sure you will sleep in the dark should become a part of your routine. Indeed, sleeping in the dark promotes falling asleep, it helps protect one’s eyes and it preserves your body’s biological rhythms

Darkness helps you relax and it stimulates the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep more easily

Our Valeria silk sleep masks create a soft and enveloping barrier between your eyes and any external source of light; they enable you to fall asleep more easily and to stay in a relaxed condition during the night.

Our refined design will make you feel cuddled and the softness of silk will caress your delicate and thin skin around your eyes. A stylish accessory that will add a touch of refinement to your moments of rest.

Sleep: A moment to feel glamour

To wrap up your hair in silk is a beauty secret handed down from generation to generation: with our 100% silk Moira turban you can find out the benefits of this practice even during your sleep. Besides being a cool and sophisticated accessory, perfect to be worn when going out, our turban is ideal to grant your hair correct well-being. Silk is well-known for its softness and delicacy; when you wrap up your hair in this luxury fabric, it protects your hair from breaking or being damaged. A silk turban is the perfect solution to keep your hair hydrated and to prevent it from becoming frizzy and tangled during the night. Allow yourself a regenerating rest and awaken the beauty of your hair with our silk turban, the accessory that will make your dreams even sweeter.

The secret to a regenerating and glamorous sleep is finally revealed: Onirica silk products are the key to changing your rest into a dreamlike experience. Thanks to artisan care and attention to unique details, we offer you the best comfort and refinement. Try the fascination of Onirica silk and give yourself an elegant and embracing sleep, because each woman deserves to feel like a sleep queen.


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