All the benefits of silk on our body

Silk, silk, silk..just by uttering the name of this wonderful fabric we are transported to a world of sensuality and luxury. In fact, of all the types of fibers in existence, we are talking about the one with the greatest reputation, thousands of years of history and exceptional characteristics, associated with wealth and often with the bedroom.

Silk is a material that many would like in their closets, thanks to its lightness, its relaxed elegance, and that sheen and fluidity that so well indulge the forms, enhancing our femininity. For many, however, it remains a somewhat snobbish material, not very functional and to be used only on certain special occasions, but is this really the case? Why choose to wear silk garments?

Silk is recognized as one of the oldest and most valuable textiles ever, and this "primacy" comes from the fact that it is made of strong protein fibers of animal origin, mainly produced by the silkworm, an insect that feeds only on mulberry leaves. Known in the East as early as 3,000 B.C. due to its specific peculiarities, such as brightness, strength and lightness, it turns out to be a much sought-after fabric over time, thus becoming one of the most prominent products in international trade.

In a historical period such as ours, the twenty-first century, choosing to use and produce silk is even more important, since it is a completely natural material. In addition to the environment around us, using sustainable materials is also crucial for our health. Using natural yarns is preferable especially for garments that are in direct contact with our skin, this is because unlike synthetic fabrics, these fibers allow the thermoregulation mechanism to take place and do not accumulate dirt and pollutants between the fibers.

Silk in particular is distinguished by certain characteristics that have allowed it to be highly valued and used over time:

 Lightness: thanks to its minimal thickness, it facilitates movement;

 Elasticity: it presents itself as a very durable yet fluid fabric on the body;

 Softness: pleasant feeling to the touch. When we say 'soft as silk', it is because silk is the softest natural fiber in the world;

 Brightness: reflects light with inimitable radiance and enhances the beauty of the wearer.

As we said, choosing to buy garments with natural yarns means taking care of your health and skin. And after all, who wouldn't want to wake up with flawless skin after comfortably sleeping wrapped in silk? Among the most well-known benefits of this fabric certainly is its thermoregulatory function. In fact, silk is the "living" fiber par excellence and is the most suitable for the skin because it possesses the same PH as the skin and therefore respects its physiology. It keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter, a quality that increases the overall well-being of our body. Moreover, even though it is composed of dense fibers, it always maintains great breathability for the skin, preventing the proliferation of bacteria. The silk garment, therefore, has practically no season. After all, the sleepdress made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and The City" was just as perfect under a heavy fur coat in the snow as it was for walking around the sultry summer streets of Manhattan. Our very famous protagonist perhaps also knew another very important benefit of silk: the anti-aging effect due to the skin's natural respiration and hydration. Silk is skincare's number one ally because it helps keep the skin fresh, supple and relaxed due to the presence within it of sericin, a protein substance that helps maintain constant hydration of the skin, and we all know that hydration means youthfulness. The less stress, friction and tension the skin is subjected to during the night, the better it will look in the morning. For example, by using pillowcases and night masks made of silk instead of cotton, the lack of friction between skin and fabric helps to reduce the deposit of impurities, plus silk does not absorb the skin's natural oils, all of which helps to maintain proper hydration. This was well known by Marylin Monroe, who used to lie on soft silk sheets to sleep, in addition to a few drops of Chanel No. 5 on her body, to keep her beautiful skin always young. Having beautiful and healthy skin should be a priority for everyone but especially for those who suffer from allergies or dermatitis, and silk can help soothe certain discomforts thanks to its hypoallergenic function. In fact, being a natural fiber it has the ability to let the skin breathe, does not release chemicals and does not retain dirt. In addition to the skin, the benefits are also numerous for hair due to the anti-frizz effect of this fabric. It now seems to be recognized that the use of silk pillowcases and hair clips brings great benefits to the hair, which will not create friction on the fabric and will thus remain soft, healthy and aesthetically tidier and shinier. This particular feature makes it possible to limit the formation of split ends and eliminate that ""broom"" effect one has in the morning when looking in the mirror. Moreover, thanks to its dense and resistant weave, it does not absorb the natural oils present in the hair and slips dust and pollutants from its surface, making your hair shiny and, above all, cleaner and healthier.

Onirica has chosen to produce its entire collection of pajamas and nightwear completely in pure silk for these very reasons. We want our customers, in addition to feeling sophisticated and beautiful, to benefit from the clothes they wear. For every woman, buying a high-quality, made in Italy, 100% silk garment should not be a whim but an investment she will not regret. Our pajamas are designed to make every occasion comfortable without sacrificing sophistication, and our nightwear accessories, such as pillowcase and mask, are ideal for receiving a soft and fresh feeling on the skin while nourishing it at the same time. The natural luster of silk in our collection is enhanced by original prints and bright colors, and the ability to embroider each piece makes the garments even more unique.

Those who want to look beautiful no longer have any need to suffer!


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