Silk Dresses: The ideal choice for a wedding!

The season of love is upon us, and what a season it is! After almost two years of stopping ceremonies, it's time to get back on track and celebrate each other's love properly.

Of course we all want to be the most glamorous invitees, the ones who, after the bride, will be the most talked about and envied. And what better occasion to wear a silk dress? Or pajamas? Yeah because to be the center of wedding gossip you need to have a unique look, and surely with an Onirica you won't go wrong!

We are here to give you our advice and go over a few rules of bon ton, which is always good to remember. Where to start? First of all, it will be best to decide what to go for, dress or suit? Skirt or pants? Let's start by narrowing down what we are looking for in order to be more focused. Think about how you will move during the party, how much and whether you will dance, and whether there will be sweating. The time of the wedding can also help us in our decisions, we can dare with a long dress and necklines in the evening while at lunchtime better to opt for a suit or a short dress.

                      Sottoveste Isadora Onirica

Spring and summer can play with the weather, watch out for the heat, a sweaty armpit is never in fashion, so try to favor colors and fabrics that do not highlight it, such as pastel colors or prints and light fabrics like silk and linen. Color is very important, it is an 'occasion of celebration and merriment so dare with bright or pastel colors, delicate patterns and precious details, rules that even the master of weddings David Tutera would like to emphasize: NO black, NO white and possibly not even red, the scene is all for the bride, we just want the prize of best dressed, not boorish.

Accessories of course are essential to best complement our outfit and make the dress we choose to wear stand out even more. You won't need me to tell you that the whole ceremony is on offer so leave bulky wallets at home and remember to bring only the bare essentials: a mini bag will be perfect, perhaps with some special or shimmering detail. Shoes? Unless the party is at the beach, you will need them: possibly tall and figure-slimming! Ask about the location so you can opt for the most suitable heel and remember that you will have to keep them on your feet for quite some time.

Moving on to practical tips, here are some looks that will make you look super chic and original. From the slip dress to the suit, our collection seems made to be worn at a wedding. The alternative to the classic trouser suit? Our tailored pajamas in all its variants and prints:


With a look like this you will certainly not go unnoticed! Our model wears the Alice patterned suit paired with a fabulous pastel yellow vintage jacket. To complete the look, add colorful and fun accessories, a leather mini bag and an orange sandal with transparent heels, plus golden jewels that reflect the closure of the handbag.


Sometimes it takes very little to complete a look, especially with a suit like this! Our silk pajamas, shirt + pants, lime lends itself perfectly to the occasion, a floral scarf and a colorful clutch bag are enough to redefine this simple outfit. With a golden sandal and a matching jewel, everything is even cooler.


Looking for an elegant yet eye-catching look? You just need to know how to combine the right colors without exaggerating. Our peacock slip dress is perfect for the purpose because it reflects the light, enhancing every shade of color. We decided to wear it with a refined sand-colored silk linen blend jacket, lace-up sandals and a mini bag of contrasting woven beads.


What better occasion to wear our Isadora slip dress if not for a wedding reception? We paired this gorgeous lime silk dress with a soft blue blouse and fuchsia low heel slingbacks with precious details. Add accessories to match the dress, such as the splendid cascading earrings of colored beads and the silk mini bag.


If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant look, opt for this suit nightie + pants in Sophia fantasy, with soft shades and chic fantasy. Your look will only need some accessories to be completed: a metal mini bag, pearl earrings and a crossed sandal with a precious buckle that recalls the color of the silk dress. Success is guaranteed.


Sometimes the accessories make the difference. A simple look with the right ones can suit a more formal occasion. Here's an example with our lime shirt with gray linen trousers that can also be a perfect office look. But combined with a bag with extravagant details and a sandal in tone, you'll have a twist. The icing on the cake? A vintage and extravagant necklace.


The blazer sometimes is overrated. How about opting for a pretty dressing gown to cover your shoulders? Our peacock dressing gown in pure silk and finished with cream borders creates a perfect match with this bright yellow pleated skirt. The jewel bag and the nude heels give a class touch to the whole look.

We hope that our tips and our looks will inspire you to be the most glamorous at the next event to which you will be invited. And if you have no wedding in sight, do not despair, no one will stop you from wearing our garments on any occasion. From a romantic dinner to a relaxing day, Onirica is the right dress to amaze.

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